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RE: [EFM] Discovery (it was OAM...)


Did you mean to write "bound to the IEEE 802 world" rather than Ethernet? As
far as I know, there is nothing in 802.1X that assumes Ethernet - if there
is then that would be a mistake that needs fixing. If it's bound to the 802
world then that's fine since we're defining an 802 standard here that will,
I guarantee you, fit in just fine with the 802 architecture and its service
interfaces. You certainly cannot expect any *more* than that from this
standards' group.

Also I'd dispute your claim that PPPoX makes "interoperability easier" but
that's a discussion for another place.


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(on the other hand, the proposed alternative - 802.1X - doesn't quite cut
it; it's bound to the Ethernet world. The 'PPPoX' familiy makes
interoperability easier)