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RE: [EFM] Discovery (it was OAM...)


Yes, 802.x would be the best way to say it. Just that saying 'Ethernet'
became so usual that sometimes I forget about the other 'flavors' of 802.x.

Also, for your dispute about PPPoX, I'd be the first to agree with you that
the discussion is not as simple as claimed. Looking from a practical point
of view, PPPoX has already taken off, and it is widely deployed in the
service provider business. I'm not aware of any large scale 802.1X
deployment, but my knowledge is limited as we already feel very comfortable
using PPP tunneling. Anyway, it's not a case where a single solution will
fit all needs. For deployment of video using multicast, the use of 802.1X
to control the provisioning of the ports is a very good alternative; we may
need to take a look at this in the future.

Carlos Ribeiro
CTBC Telecom