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RE: [EFM] Presentations: Audio Transcripts

How sure are we that this liability issue isn't just the "easy answer" and
that there are truly identifiable liability issues that can't be easily
overcome with a signed disclaimer?

Seems the presentations are a different level of concern from a transcript
of the meeting. I was not suggesting a transcript of the meeting. Just the
presentations. PowerPoint presentations by-definition contain little detail.
The details are filled in by the presenter, so the slides alone are an
inherently flawed format as an archival record.

Since there are hundreds of witnesses to everything that is said and done at
the meeting, it seems awfully unlikely anything could be denied.

As far as facilities, cost, etc., I was thinking pretty low-budget. Like the
meeting sponsor finds a starving EE student and IEEE student member to sit
at a PC and press "record" "stop" and "save as" for each presentation. Give
them a free lunch/dinner, an award at meeting conclusion, and maybe waive
their IEEE dues the next year, and I bet they'd be happy campers. They'd
also have the opportunity to make many industry contacts.    

I suspect your answer will remain unchanged, but I had to try.

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From: Howard Frazier [mailto:millardo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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Not likely.  First, we have no facilities for producing the recording,
digitizing it, and putting it on the web.

Second, the IEEE has a real problem with having either transcripts or
recordings of meetings.  They are very concerned about liability, and
have expressly told us to keep our meeting minutes brief, with just
the motions and action items recorded.  I guess that they don't want
transcripts showing up in court. An audio or video recording of the
meeting would likely cause a hissy fit in Piscataway.

For this reason, we do not allow either video or audio recordings
in meetings, and if I spot some one trying to surreptitiously record
the proceedings, I tell them to turn the recorder off.

This is one of those cases where "You have to be there".


Charlie Wang wrote:
> Hi,
> I think this is a very good suggestion!
> Charlie Wang
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> From: Horne, David M [mailto:david.m.horne@xxxxxxxxx]
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> Subject: [EFM] Presentations: Audio Transcripts
> Howard, any chance that audio transcripts of the actual presentations can
> recorded and then posted to the website along with the PowerPoint files,
> the benefit of those that are unable to make the meeting (and for archival
> review purposes for everyone)? Anyone else with interest in this please
> chime in.