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RE: [EFM] Call for Presentations


I received a few questions today on procedures for submitting
Presentations.   So I am copying Howard's
email (below) from two weeks ago which describes the conference
schedule, and submission procedures.

Gerry Pesavento


-----Original Message-----
From: Howard Frazier [
Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2001 2:31 PM
Subject: [EFM] Call for Presentations

The first meeting of the IEEE 802.3ah EFM Task Force will
take place on September 17-19th, 2001 in Copenhagen, Denmark,
hosted by Intel.  Please see the meeting announcement at:

If you haven't made your hotel reservation yet, please
do so now.  Even though we are two weeks past the cutoff
date, I am given to understand that there are still rooms
available, but this situation probably won't last for long.

If you would like to make a presentation at the meeting,
please keep in mind that we will be dividing our work into
two concurrent "tracks", one focusing on Point to Point
Copper, and the other focusing on P2P and P2MP fiber.
Work on OAM will involve the entire group.

The meeting plan for EFM is:

Monday, 17-Sept
8:30 a - 12:00 n   
Opening Session
Organizational Activities
Whole Group

Monday, 17-Sept
1:30 p - 6:00 p
P2P Copper Track
Technical Presentations

Monday, 17-Sept
1:30 p - 6:00 p
P2P & P2MP Fiber Track
Technical Presentations

Tuesday, 18-Sept
8:30 a - 6:00 p
P2P Copper Track
Technical Presentations

Tuesday, 18-Sept
8:30 a - 6:00 p
P2P & P2MP Fiber Track
Technical Presentations

Wednesday, 19-Sept
8:30 a - 12:00 n
Whole Group

Wednesday, 19-Sept
1:00 p - 6:00 p
Closing Session
"Motion Madness"
Whole Group

If you wish to make a presentation, please send me (Howard) a request no
later than Monday, September 10th, and include the following

1. Presenter's name
2. Presentation title (keep it short and sweet, please)
3. Estimate of the time required
4. The "track" (either Copper, P2P fiber, P2MP fiber, or OAM)
5. A brief synopsis of the material (one or two sentences)

In addition, you should coordinate your presentations with
Hugh Barrass (hbarrass@xxxxxxxxx) if you are presenting in
the copper track, and Gerry Pesavento (gerry.pesavento@xxxxxxxxxxxx)
if you are presenting in the P2P and P2MP fiber track.

I will need an electronic copy of your presentation materials no
later than midnight PDT, September 10th,
and I really mean it
this time.  I will be getting on a plane Tuesday morning, September
11th, and I won't have access to a high speed internet connection
until I get to Copenhagen.  In order to create the agenda, the
web site, the CDROMs and the flash cards, I must have your material
by midnight PDT, Monday September 10th.

This promises to be an exciting meeting, and I look forward to
seeing you in Copenhagen.

Howard Frazier
Dominet Systems