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[EFM] P12 Local Operator Perspective - EFM requirements presentation

Hello to all EFM folks.

I've finished the second draft of a presentation about the requirements for
EFM. The first draft was not sent to the list, but it was revised
internally before, so I expect it to be at least consistent with our
previous document. We would greatly appreciate comments on the material. If
you think that any part of the material is not appropriate to the forum,
orif the presentation is too big, please tell us. We've tried to cover a
lot of ground in the smallest time possible.

Thanks in advance,

Carlos Ribeiro
CTBC Telecom
(See attached file: IEEE 802.3ah EFM - P12-CTBC - 2nd draft.ppt)

IEEE 802.3ah EFM - P12-CTBC - 2nd draft.ppt