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Re: [EFM] Presentations: Audio Transcripts

At 08:38 07/09/2001 -0700, you wrote:

>Howard, any chance that audio transcripts of the actual presentations can be
>recorded and then posted to the website along with the PowerPoint files, for
>the benefit of those that are unable to make the meeting (and for archival
>review purposes for everyone)? Anyone else with interest in this please
>chime in.

This has come up in various forms over the years (recording in audio, 
video,...etc.) Generally this has been regarded as a bad idea and has been 
discouraged. Apart from any other considerations, the thought that some 
company's lawyers might be tempted to examine a video of a presentation 
under a microscope is not terribly appealing, either for the presenter or 
for those making comments on it.