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[EFM] P12 - Local operator perspective - third draft

Hi all,

This is the third (and hopefully the last) revision of the P12 presentation
by CTBC Telecom. Some generic comments:

1. The presentation is comprised of 24 slides, divided in:

 1 - title
 2 - Copper
 2 - P2P fiber
 3 - P2MP fiber (EPON)
16 - slides for general requirements

The presentation ended up being longer than originally expected, and it
will take about 30 minutes for all slides. We can keep the presentation
complete in electronic format, but advance through the PHY-related slides
and focus only on the general requirements; this would allow the
presentation to be finished in less than 20 minutes. It's up to the meeting
managers to help us decide on this issue.

2. I received some comments about the presentation, but I'm still not sure
if I got the right focus for the theme. It's still time, if not to change
the presentation as it is written, at least to change the way we present
and talk about the theme.

3. I'm still to convert this presentation to PDF format. I don't have
Acrobat installed in my notebook, so I'm asking if something can be done in
this respect; I can supply the presentation in PPT format, or I can ask
someone else to convert it for me.

Thanks for all people that helped. We would like to include our
acknowledgements, but the time is *very* short, and I still have to check
with everyone if it's ok. In particular, I would ask all fellow carrier's
representatives to contact me in the few hours that we still have to finish
the presentation.

Best regards,

Carlos Ribeiro
CTBC Telecom
(See attached file: IEEE 802.3ah EFM - P12-CTBC - 3rd draft.ppt)

IEEE 802.3ah EFM - P12-CTBC - 3rd draft.ppt