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[EFM] P12 final candidate

Howard & Gerry,

Given the short amount of time available, I ask you to consider the third
draft that I've sent to the list the final one. I do have some small
corrections and adjustments to do, but I still have to travel back to my
home city (Uberlandia) tonight. I may be able to connect once more before
the final deadline, but it's far more possible that I'll only be connected
again by 7:00am Brazilian East Time; I believe that it will be 3:00am PDT,
which is a few hours after our deadline. Anyway, I'll try to sum all the
last minute changes and send one final version as soon as possible.

The only issue that I'm worried now is about the PDF format. As I 've said,
I dont have Acrobat in my notebook, and I as kept travelling for the past
few days, I was not able to convert the presentation. I hope that this does
not turn out to be a serious issue. I wil certainly be able to make it by
tomorrow, but not as early as pointed out above, though.

As for the info requested by Howard, here it is:

Name: Carlos Alberto Reis Ribeiro, or simply 'Carlos Ribeiro'
Presentation title: EFM - An Overview of CTBC Telecom's Requirements
Time required: 20 minutes for general requirements, 30 minutes for full
Track: Carrier requirements should be a 'general' track, as it talks about
both copper and fiber.
Synopsis: CTBC Telecom is commited to the deployment of broadband access
networks as a competitive initiative that will allow the company to offer
inovative services to the local market. As a carrier, we are striving to
keep a broad vision of all the issues regarding EFM, in order to achieve a
good balance of technical and business requirements.

See you all in Copenhagen,

Carlos Ribeiro
CTBC Telecom