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RE: [EFM] Make up meeting

Hi Guys,

My previous employer, Nortel, used to have a system to do web based
presentations, PowerPoint and teleconference. We used to used it all the
time to do remote product training sessions as an ongoing educational
program.  Now I'm not volunteering anybody's network, or if it is even
possible, but if these study groups (all that travel) had access to this
medium, it could prove as very productive. I believe that video conference
rooms around the world still exist, maybe a carrier might want to donate
some hours to the cause. I do believe that if the IEEE IETF ITU  or whomever
the governing bodies are, jointly asked, the telecommunication/computer
community for assistance, they might get it.


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Dear all

I think that we can make significant progress by applying some of the travel
budgets we have all saved to conference calls this coming week. We are all
in the comms business at the end of the day, not the travel business :-). It
would be hard to find a week between now and November that would work for
all of the active participants. Here is my suggestion:

If those that were going to present technical proposals can produce a text
copy of their planned verbal presentation then this can go on the web site.
Those that are interested can then use the text along side the pdf of the
PPT to get a good idea of the pitch.

We have four sub-groups already. There are some 'alternative technical
proposals' in each of these, shall we say, being polite :-). The possible
exception is p2p, but even then the OAM camp is split into at least two
mutually exclusive alternatives at the moment.

It takes 75% to get any one technical proposal adopted.

So let's use the time available to establish how much support there is for
each alternative within each sub-group.

If the group is so fractionated on any one key technical proposal that
getting to 75% looks impossible, then the group can have battles royal in
Houston on each of them to decide what to do. Rather get to that status at
the start of the November meeting than at the end of it. We should be able
to get to the same milestones at the end of the November meeting without the
interim, if we put our minds to it, and use the comms. technology that we
have at our disposal.

Best regards