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RE: [EFM] Make up meeting


As an additional note, I have always had problems with closed groups that 
become voting blocks within 802.3.  If you are going to start conference 
calls, make them available to all 200+ people that are participating in the 
P802.3ah TF.

Thank you,
Roy Bynum

At 08:15 PM 9/14/01 +0100, Bob Barrett wrote:
>Dear all
>I think that we can make significant progress by applying some of the travel
>budgets we have all saved to conference calls this coming week. We are all
>in the comms business at the end of the day, not the travel business :-). It
>would be hard to find a week between now and November that would work for
>all of the active participants. Here is my suggestion:
>If those that were going to present technical proposals can produce a text
>copy of their planned verbal presentation then this can go on the web site.
>Those that are interested can then use the text along side the pdf of the
>PPT to get a good idea of the pitch.
>We have four sub-groups already. There are some 'alternative technical
>proposals' in each of these, shall we say, being polite :-). The possible
>exception is p2p, but even then the OAM camp is split into at least two
>mutually exclusive alternatives at the moment.
>It takes 75% to get any one technical proposal adopted.
>So let's use the time available to establish how much support there is for
>each alternative within each sub-group.
>If the group is so fractionated on any one key technical proposal that
>getting to 75% looks impossible, then the group can have battles royal in
>Houston on each of them to decide what to do. Rather get to that status at
>the start of the November meeting than at the end of it. We should be able
>to get to the same milestones at the end of the November meeting without the
>interim, if we put our minds to it, and use the comms. technology that we
>have at our disposal.
>Best regards