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Re: [EFM] TEST frames MAC_Control vs MAC client

On Sun, 16 Sep 2001 11:29:59 +0100  "Bob Barrett" wrote:
> Really low cost 10/100/1GE p2p EFM CPEs could be repeaters / media
> converters with management.
> That spec. supports demac and OAM at minimal cost and complexity.
> The user's bridge / router can sort out what traffic gets access to the
> service provider's EFM port.
> This is a very clean architecture that we are finding acceptance for.
> Naturally vendors can build systems with higher layer funtions and EFM
> ports. The demarc is then vitualised within the system, but it still a
> demarc (like a T1 DSU/CSU with FDL that I keep harping back to).
> What say the service providers on this exploder regarding how much
> functionality should be within the EFM device?


	Well said!  As a Service Provider, I could not agree more.
The customer CPE should be as simple as possible.  Intelligence should
go either in the SP-side equipment (ESLAM?) or in devices in the
customer's network beyond the CPE.