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RE: [EFM] OAM developing Geoff's observation.

Cable industry is deploying X.509 digital certificate and key management
protocol now. I believe the requirement to
be quite realistic and a direct consequence of MSO's experience with more
relaxed authentication mechanisms.

I believe that the precedent for public access network authentication has
been set and its feasibility will be proven in the nearest future, with real


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This seems like a new and unrealistic requirement.  Simple password
authentication has served users well for a long time.  Although I
understand the benefits of managed certificates, I've also had a taste
of their complexity and the interoperability problems that lay in wait. 
Managed certificates for authentication cannot be a requirement for EFM

- Matt

> Malcolm,
> User authentication will likely require the use of digital 
> certificates and
> key management. As such, this can be transported inside conventional
> Ethernet frames. There is no requirement for additional 
> concurrent protocol
> such as PPP to accomplish this.
> Harry