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RE: [EFM] OAM - Faye's seven points - MAC address


If the CPE is essentially a media converter / repeater (relatively dumb and
with minimal hardware) it may not need to have a MAC address in order to
support a management entity, however, a management entity and registration
would be desirable.

A MAC address is not essential to find a CPE on the end of a p2p fiber /
copper loop. The CPE is either there or not there, and there is only ever
one of them in p2p.

P2MP is a different issue and I agree that a MAC address is the logical
choice in that case, but I wouldn't want to see the inclusion of a MAC
entity made mandatory in the p2p fiber or p2p copper EFM standard.

I don't think encryption of OAM data is necessary on a p2p link if it is in
a side-band.
If OAM data is mixed in with the payload, even with VLAN, then encryption is
probably necessary.
I guess that's one of my 'pro' arguments for side band ;-).

Best regards

Bob Barrett

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> Below, please read "Ethernet MAC address" for MAC address.
> On Tue, 18 Sep 2001 11:25:43 +0100  "Bob Barrett" wrote:
> > > 3. CPE registration or inventory (The former is the action
> and the later
> > > is
> > > the results).
> >
> > Some form of registration, even if it is operator driven is mandatory.
> > Auto registration is desirable.
> Is this not just the use of an Ethernet MAC address?  As a provider of
> both cable and dsl based public ethernets,  we think the MAC address
> works well.
> One of the reasons the Ethernet MAC address works well is that the SP
> already has the necessity of monitoring the network in order to pick
> up the MAC addresses of customer equipment beyond the CPE.  This
> information is sufficent to provide the ability to map any given
> Ethernet Frame to a customer.  Such a mapping is required in order to
> provide secure networks.
> For a SP, two illustrations of the necessity of such a mapping are the
> recent "Code Red" infestation when SPs needed to contact customers to
> inform them of infected servers and the events of September 11th,
> 2001.  For those outside the US, like most (all?) SPs serving the US
> market, we have been spending time this week responding to subpoenas.
> thank you,
> fletcher