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Re: [EFM] OAM - Faye's seven points - MAC address

On Wed, 19 Sep 2001 21:03:57 +0100  "Bob Barrett" wrote:
> If the CPE is essentially a media converter / repeater (relatively dumb and
> with minimal hardware) it may not need to have a MAC address in order to
> support a management entity, however, a management entity and registration
> would be desirable.

Good point.  I wonder however, if it is possible to come up with a
management entity for registration that is more light-weight than a
MAC address.  I had always thought that MAC addresses are about as
simple as they come.

> P2MP is a different issue and I agree that a MAC address is the logical
> choice in that case, but I wouldn't want to see the inclusion of a MAC
> entity made mandatory in the p2p fiber or p2p copper EFM standard.

Very good point.

> I don't think encryption of OAM data is necessary on a p2p link if it is in
> a side-band.
> If OAM data is mixed in with the payload, even with VLAN, then encryption is
> probably necessary.
> I guess that's one of my 'pro' arguments for side band ;-).

Personally, I would take the same situation and alter it a bit.  I
would say in the case of a p2p link, OAM data should be limited to
that which does not have to be encrypted, namely something like