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Re: [EFM] OAM - Faye's seven points


	I am going to respond to your posting, not Faye's because
ASCII is easier for me to read.

On Tue, 18 Sep 2001 11:25:43 +0100  "Bob Barrett" wrote:

> > 5. Subscriber activation and deactivation (or generally referred to as
> > provisioning)
> Mandatory - at the level of EFM this is probably no more then turning a
> subscriber port on and off, and may be changing an interface from 10M to
> 100M to 1GE. Anything else is above the scope of EFM I would think.

Why does this have to be part of the EFM standard?  Isn't this a
function of the SP-side equipment?

> > 6. CPE maintanence (upgrade, backup ...)
> Desirable - possibly an area where EFM defines a cooms channel but not the
> protocol or methodology that vendors implement over it ????

This sounds like the DOCIS rat-hole.  Good to have, but as Howard
Frasier pointed out in an earlier message:

* The Project Authorization Request (PAR) for 802.3ah defines the scope
* of the project as:
*      Define 802.3 Media Access Control (MAC) parameters and
*      minimal augmentation of the MAC operation, physical layer
*      specifications, and management parameters for the transfer
*      of 802.3 format frames in subscriber access networks at
*      operating speeds within the scope of the current IEEE Std
*      802.3 and approved new projects.
* Note that there is no mention of adding priorities, extending VLAN
* tag fields, DOCSIS head end compatibility, tftp, encryption, security, 
* QoS, port authentication, interoperability with 802.17, voice, video,
* or many of the other issues that have been raised on this reflector
* lately.
* We will be writing an 802.3 standard, which means that our scope
* is limited to the MAC, the PHY, and layer management.  Fortunately,
* these are very well defined and narrowly scoped areas for study.
* That means we have some hope of completing the project in a reasonable
* length of time.