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Re: [EFM] OAM - Faye's seven points

On Tue, 18 Sep 2001 11:17:39 -0700  "Faye Ly" wrote:
> What I meant CPE discovery is actually the 
> discovery of the CPE itself.  Not the
> subscriber CPE port.  I do agree that MAC
> address can be used for CPE port (or subscriber
> port) data encryption.  
>      EFM link +-----+
>       --------o CPE o ------ Subscriber line A
>               |     o ------ Subscriber line B
>               +-----+

I am sorry for my misunderstand Faye.  In my experience, there has
always been at least one Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) per customer
and the CPE's have always had at least one MAC address of their own.

Your illustration above makes me realize that there are alternate
architectures for which my assumptions are not valid.

thanks for explaining,