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[EFM] Updates on the Web

I have updated the page with the presentation materials
that I have received to date.  I regret having omitted
several presentations from the earlier versions of this
page. The presentations can be found at:

I do plan to accept changes to the presentations up until
Monday, October 15th.  These changes can include new
presentations, withdrawal of presentations, or modifications
to presentations.  However, if you want to add/delete/change
a presentation, I ask that you get in touch with the following
individuals before October 15th to coordinate the change:

  General/FEC/OAM: Howard Frazier   millardo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  Copper: Hugh Barrass     hbarrass@xxxxxxxxx
  EPON: Gerry Pesavento  gerry.pesavento@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  Optics: Vipul Bhatt      vbhatt@xxxxxxxxxxx

Also, please take the time between now and our October 17-19
meeting to review the material, and get in touch with the
presenters if you would like to offer some feedback.  You
will find their email addresses on the index page.

Also, Also, let's start using the reflectors more effectively.
As stated in a previous message, we have 4 sub reflectors now, 


Let's use those for detailed exchanges on each topic.  Let's
save the general std-802-3-efm reflector for announcements and for
items of general interest, or those which don't fit neatly into one
of the sub reflectors.