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Re: [EFM] OAM functionals


I whole heartedly agree with you about this industry.  Having worked for 
Mostek at the time that it went under, and worked for Wang as it was going 
under, I am well aware of why they failed.  The industries that they were 
in moved out of a "boom" market and they were unable to make the margins on 
their products that they needed.  Other companies continued in business 
because they did not have the same handicap of internal "marketing" and 
"product" politics and were able to make better business decisions about 
delivering the products that customers were really wanting.  This is one of 
the issues that I am trying to bring to EFM.

Thank you,
Roy Bynum

At 04:42 PM 9/25/01 -0400, Fletcher E  Kittredge wrote:
>On Tue, 25 Sep 2001 10:56:57 -0500  Roy Bynum wrote:
> > There are some basic fundamental questions that will have an effect on all
> > architectures that have not been addressed yet.  Some of the questions 
> have
> > not even been asked, as example this thread.
>         Does this mean you propose that your OAM stuff go in the 10mb/sec
>Ethernet over legacy copper as well as EPON P2MP?
>         The following is North American centric; apologies to other
>regions but I only follow our market.
>         The latest figures show that there are just over 10 million
>broadband Internet subscribers in the NA region with the cable
>companies increasing their lead to 70% market share vis DSL 29% market
>share (
>         I believe that EFM over legacy copper is the only chance the
>carriers using the PSTN (legacy copper) network have to survive.
>These carriers would include DLECS, CLECS, RBOCs, IXCs, etc.  You
>might believe that these companies will have the funding when the time
>comes to roll out your fiber.  However, I believe that if current
>trends continue unchecked, Verizon et al will be out of the game.
>Hard to believe, but I watched Wang, Apollo, DEC, Lucent, Worldcom and
>AT&T go from being cash flush leaders of their industry to getting
>flushed down the toilet.  It can happen to you.
>         Think about what we are doing.  We have got to get the minimal
>copper specs. out the door, the equipment built and deployed and the
>cash flowing in.  Demonstrably, the PSTN carriers blew it with ATM and
>DSL; copper EFM is our last chance.  If we blow copper EFM; we won't
>get to do fiber EFM...unless the cable companies let us use their
>         The DOCSIS 2.0 30mb/sec standardization process is well
>underway and due to be complete in the next few months.  It claims to
>be backward compatiable with all the DOCSIS 1.0 (and 1.1??) modems out
>there.  Please feel free to piss on the DOCSIS standards.  However,
>the cable companies have kicked PSTN carrier's pasty white butts and it
>is just getting worse.  We need to recognise reality.
>good luck,