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Re: [EFM] 1 Gbps != 999.9 Mbps


When a customer buys a T1s worth of bandwidth, he gets the full T1 payload 
bandwidth.  For T1 customers that want Ethernet connectivity, 802.3x is a 
good method for doing the bandwidth limiting of a standard Ethernet 
interface to the T1 payload bandwidth.  It works well for Ethernet over 
SONET/SDH type services.  When a customer buys a native Ethernet GbE 
service over a wavelength, they want a full GbE, not 999.9 Mbps of 
bandwidth.  They put their test equipment against it and do a throughput 
test.  If the service does not perform at full bandwidth, they complain and 
force the service provider to discount their services.  Service providers 
can not make any profits by having to discount their services.  It is all 
about customer expectations and perceptions.  I know, I have had to deal 
with a some of MCI WorldCom's larger customers.  Most of them are very 

Thank you,
Roy Bynum

At 12:12 PM 9/26/01 -0700, Denton Gentry wrote:

>>Service providers have a desire to offer a full 1GE service and not use any
>>of it's bandwidth for OAM. The rule of conservation of bandwidth means the
>>OAM needs to go somewhere other then in the bandwidth reserved for the 1GE
>>payload. I take it as read that 100% utilisation of a 1GE is unlikely, but
>>that is not the point. The point is that service providers want to offer 1GE
>>service period, not a 999.9Mbit service.
>  Does the existence of the Mac Control PAUSE frame therefore make
>Ethernet unsuitable for service providers?
>Denton Gentry
>Dominet Systems