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Re: [EFM] 1 Gbps != 999.9 Mbps

To the group,  I forgot that we are not supposed to mention any names, but 
since I work for these people, it may not matter.  My apologies.


At 05:47 PM 9/26/01 -0500, Roy Bynum wrote:

>When a customer buys a T1s worth of bandwidth, he gets the full T1 payload 
>bandwidth.  For T1 customers that want Ethernet connectivity, 802.3x is a 
>good method for doing the bandwidth limiting of a standard Ethernet 
>interface to the T1 payload bandwidth.  It works well for Ethernet over 
>SONET/SDH type services.  When a customer buys a native Ethernet GbE 
>service over a wavelength, they want a full GbE, not 999.9 Mbps of 
>bandwidth.  They put their test equipment against it and do a throughput 
>test.  If the service does not perform at full bandwidth, they complain 
>and force the service provider to discount their services.  Service 
>providers can not make any profits by having to discount their 
>services.  It is all about customer expectations and perceptions.  I know, 
>I have had to deal with a some of MCI WorldCom's larger customers.  Most 
>of them are very demanding.
>Thank you,
>Roy Bynum
>At 12:12 PM 9/26/01 -0700, Denton Gentry wrote:
>>>Service providers have a desire to offer a full 1GE service and not use any
>>>of it's bandwidth for OAM. The rule of conservation of bandwidth means the
>>>OAM needs to go somewhere other then in the bandwidth reserved for the 1GE
>>>payload. I take it as read that 100% utilisation of a 1GE is unlikely, but
>>>that is not the point. The point is that service providers want to offer 1GE
>>>service period, not a 999.9Mbit service.
>>  Does the existence of the Mac Control PAUSE frame therefore make
>>Ethernet unsuitable for service providers?
>>Denton Gentry
>>Dominet Systems