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Re: [EFM] Network timing, ATM, ADSL/VDSL and EFM

On Fri, 28 Sep 2001 12:13:52 -0400  "Vladimir Oksman" wrote:
>    Have you ever analyzed a second opinion on Etherloop, except what
> Patrick is presented in IEEE? This technology was discussed 3.5 years ago
> in T1E1.4 and there was almost no people who supported it, just because
> there is a very strong concern that it doesn't work as good as Elastic
> advertises it. See, people usually don't through into the waste basket
> something that is really good. Nortel paid for Etherloop development, but
> doesn't offer it to the customers. My simulations also show very bad
> results.


	Welll, I have been in this business so long, I don't care what
anyone's simulator shows.  I have vast mountains of smoke blown at me
by academics and vendors.  I never believe anything a vendor says;
academic is generally a synonym for "liar."

        I have talked to about a dozen of service providers (SP) who
actually use etherloop.  Each of those SP I found through my own
research, not through Elastic sales people.  Therefore, I have a sense
these SP are probably telling me the truth.  By and large these SP
have told the same story: that Etherloop meets or exceeds their
expectations.  At Copenhagen, I was going to present the actual
measurements of throughput in real installations made by one of those
providers.  Those measurements show results that are better than
Elastic claims.

        Having said all that, I have no intention of committing to
equipment before I have tried it myself and can achieve acceptable
results.  When we are done testing, I will publish the test
conditions, the test methodology and the test results.  Right now, I
am still very skeptical about Etherloop, but interested enough to
spend some money on testing them.

        As for Nortel, who cares what stupid move any telco or telco
vendor makes?  They are all a bunch of timeservers.  I hope no one is
making decisions based on what any of these people do.  Much less
based on what we think the motivations for their (probably wrong)
decision are...

good luck,