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Re: [EFM] Network timing, ATM, ADSL/VDSL and EFM


   that's my fault, and I also apologies that this non-verified material
intended for a private discussion came to the exploder. I am usually
cheking the address features, but here I missed it. Unfortunately, e-mails
usually don't come back, but I would be happy to get this one back.

Sorry for that,


Fletcher E Kittredge wrote:

> On Fri, 28 Sep 2001 12:13:52 -0400  "Vladimir Oksman" wrote:
> >
> >    just privately, NOT for IEEE exploder.
> Man, I can't believe I did it again.  I saw the "just privately" part
> above and thought I was replying just to Vladimir.  I will ask Howard,
> once again to delete my message.
> Please ignore my earlier (meant to be private) reply.  It was meant
> for private mail to Vladimir.  I can't deny it is the way I sometimes
> think, but we all have wrong thoughts from time to time.
> Howard, if there is any way you can stop my reply to Vladimir from
> being widely distributed, I would appreciate it.  I bet Vladimir would
> appreciate it to if you could delete his message.
> redfacedly,
> fletcher