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[EFM] Copper schedule in LAX (and beyond...)


First of all, I would like to apologize to all those who received two copies of this
e-mail. If you are interested in the copper track and didn't receive two copies then
you need to register for the copper mailing list.

If you are not interested in the copper track then stop reading here...

Follow this link to read instructions for the mailing lists.

Finally, the payload data....

In LAX we will have 1.5 days of meetings to ourselves. The EPON people will leave us
alone and we can concentrate on Resistance, Inductance, Current Density and other
concepts which would otherwise upset the optical folk. Currently we have 15
presentations submitted covering rate and reach; theoretical analysis; PMD proposals;
general requirements and 1 new objective. My estimate is that we will comfortably
cover these presentations on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning - leaving
Thursday afternoon for free-range discussions before we rejoin the group on Friday

I would like to use this "spare time" to (pre) discuss the new objective and the
simulation / test ad hoc. I would also like to allow some time for a breakout to
discuss rate mechanism / operation (as I mention in my recap presentation) and any
other (copper) business.

Time is very short, so it will be hard to prepare for the Austin Plenary. I suggest
that we use the spare time and gaps to work towards the baseline presentations that
will be needed in November. This means that you should all be trying to seek out like
minded people and sharing your ideas for November presentations.

I will send a copy of my recap presentation on the copper reflector - it will also go
onto the website.