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[EFM] RE: [EFM-P2P] FEC and BER issues, EPON and the interim

First the FEC / BER question:

Food for thought. How near 802.3 will the standard be if this many changes
are made down where the electrons fly, and what likelihood that the 802.3
voting brethren will approve such changes, even at the working group level?

More general stuff on the interim:

My take on the OAM track is that the Gentry proposal takes it, simply
because it is the Ethernet 802.3 way of doing things, and that it will get
the votes. Once something is voted 'in' it takes 75% to change it. That's
just the way the process works.

Best regards


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Bringing FEC to the PMD layer implies that the CDR and the SERDES will
all reside at that layer, which redefine the way transceivers are
standardized today.  It is OK ONLY if the cost/benefit is such that it
"makes or brakes" the system.  Can you provide relative cost for FEC,
for example as a multiplier on a CDR+SERDES IC?


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Subject: FW: [p2p],[p2mp] some FEC and BER issues

I attached a document which raises some
of my thoughts about FEC, line coding and
BER for EFM.
It can be a base for discussion.
Best regards,