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[EFM] A note a about copper loops

In a conference that was held just a week ago at Stanford there were two
good talks by George Hawley (former head transmission group at Bell labs,
and formerly a GM at Bellcore) and Jim Sackman (CTO AFC a leading DLC
company) regarding loop statistics:

1. The loop survey of 1983 was only for lines from central offices
2. By year 2004 the number of lines from DLCs will exceed all the lines from
3. 95% of lines in Bell South territory is under 12 kft(AWG-24)
4. DLC-RTs vary in size and the area of coverage.(48 lines to 10,000 lines)
typical densities are about 600 lines. serving primarily POTS, and moving to
ADSL or xDSL like. Bridge taps are generally found on longer loops,
specially from CO
5. POTS are going primary source of income for RBOCs followed by data and
6. DLCs and mid range CSA rules was signed off in 1980

Other good talks included our owns Howard's. EEtimes had a report on the
conference. The information about the speakers can be found at . I believe Prof. Cioffi of Stanford has the conference
proceeding available ($$).