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[EFM] Service Provider Copper Reach Needs

	During the Copper breakout session at the October EFM in LA, the
group debated a 2nd copper phy objective to broaden the addressable market
for the 802.3ah standard.  The new objective considered the following

	Reach to 12,000 Feet (~4,000 M) 24AWG
	Rate approaching the capacity of the loop (gauge, interference
models, etc TBD)
	Optional bonding of multiple pairs to increase rate capability

	The service provider inputs to date indicate that technologies
capable of supporting the following applications/market sectors need to be

	1) Residential multi-channel video delivery
	2) Business high-speed data service
	3) Residential high-speed data service

	The initial copper phy objective with reach >= 2,500 Ft @ 10Mbps
aggregate would provide for reliable service to address 1) above, within
some limited distribution area.
	Our 2nd phy objective would address 2) above, and could possibly
broaden the service area for 1), where multiple pairs are available (and the
SP is willing to use bonding).

	While 3) can be addressed in limited fashion with either objective,
the question of creating an Ethernet standard which addresses service beyond
12,000 feet remains an open issue.  

	Over the last week or so, we have heard from several service
providers including OTI, Qwest, Verizon, etc., and technology experts
(Behrooz, Vladimir, Patrick, et al) indicating that reach to 21,000 feet,
opens an important marketplace, and should be addressed by the EFM copper
standard.  The loop capacity at maximum reach should be used as a lower
bound for data (again pending interference model agreement) but should be on
the order of 0.5 Mbps (with far greater rates achieved closer-in).

	Despite the positive feedback for a long reach objective, there is
still some reluctance within the group to address this market.

	We are asking for the service provider community to again help us
match technology to market needs by commenting on the 802.3ah objectives
under consideration.  

	Would you support an objective for service in the <= 21,000 Ft range
on 24AWG? 

	Please give the forum your thoughts.

	Dave Kaufman