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RE: [EFM] RE: [EFM-Copper] the merits of 12 kft and +

I believe that EFM will get the most initial US traction in medium and
large business applications and actually very little residential play. 

We may expect significant resistance to an "new" standard unless there
is a compelling case for its' use. The most compelling, Video Services
delivery, is not faring well in the US, but is of significant interest
elsewhere in the world. Loop length is the controlling variable here.

If Video is eliminated from the service mix, there is not enough demand
in most residential (and small business) locations in the US to warrant
10 Mbps on the loop. PC users in a small group (single PC or small LAN)
generally can't perceive the difference between 750Kbps and anything

A standard that allows use of the spectrum all the way down to DC will
be good for medium and large Business applications, with the bottom 10
to 20 Khz vacated for applications needing to operate over POTS or ISDN
will nicely cover "the world". The spectrum between 0 and 20 Khz has the
lowest loss and the highest information content.

This will let EFM have the most reach and highest rate possible when
operation over analog POTS or ISDN is not needed.

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