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[EFM] Copper Conf Call

Copper-Conference call was held at 8:00 AM on 11/2. I want to thank
everybody for your participation. Below is the list of the attendees. Please
let me know if I missed anybody or comapnies

Adtran: Marc K
Alcatel: Michael B
Broadcom: Veladimir
Cisco: Hugh B.
Firstmilesystems: Klause 
Elastic: Partick S.
Goblespan: Massimo S.
Ikanos Communications: Behrooz R.
Jubilant: Jacky C.
Metanoia Technologies, Duan
Stanford: John C.
Telcordia: Ken K
Ti: Duog A, Krista J
Zarlink: Gary

* We agreed to include loop survey results (to the extend that are available
from various sources) in the public loop plant document that Michael from
Alcatel is putting together.

* We also encouraged a massive support for Michael's paper in Austin. The
idea is to have a draft doc for public loop plant for interim meeting in

* There was a discussion regarding available models/data for in-building
wiring. There was a reference to work that was done by AT&T and a paper
published in JSAC-95. I am sure one of you guys on the list can provide some
additional information

* As I had mentioned earlier we will have a section in our EFM-Copper that
deals with Spectral Compatibility. All NEXT and FEXT results/data will be
part of this chapter. We agreed that on long loops and public loops (freq
below 1.1 Mhz) we have more than enough data and we can just go ahead and
use those information. On short loops and highspeed data rates over
single/multi-pair we need more data. The results from John C. and his group
from Stanford and measured data from BT will be a basis for modeling for
now. The Controlling parameters, fitting parameters, etc are to be worked
out as we go forward

* On multi-pair operations, there will be 1 or 2 papers by Wednesday. The
key issues are: Minimum and Maximum rates since the rate can vary widely
between pairs. A second issue was more on the operational side, meaning
whether even it is possible to have 4 pairs of copper be originated from
single point in CO or in RT

* Data rate adaptation was a hot topic. Hugh issued a decree: submit more
papers. This will be a very fun discussion (unlike PMD). We need to include
and entertain methods on one side to interface to fixed rate at the Ethernet
switch side while to variable data rate on the line side. It was also
suggested EFM_Copper may suggest a new xMII interface to deal with flow

If I missed anything please send an e-mail directly to me and I will take
all your inputs and update this short memo .

Behrooz Rezvani
Editor: EFM_Copper