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RE: [EFM] RE: [EFM-Copper] the merits of 12 kft and +

Ah, Bob, now it's clear.

Bob says,
"The "18K" loops frequently have 18K in the "OSP"
as the direct wire path runs and can be measured resistively,"
The classic definition of working length,
equal the DC path for the telset current.
"plus 1K-3K of bridged tap"
As allowed per Resistance Design. 
The older rules allowed 6kf of bridged tap.

"+ .1K drops, .3 to .5K CO wire 
and .1K to .2K CPE inside wire,"
Implicitly accounted for in the development
of RD rules.

"leading to about "21Kft EWL""
   Ah, mixed 26/24, or 24/22 gauge
since 15kft/26AWG is the limit of RD nonloaded.
In T1E1.4 Spectrum Management, as you well know,
we often use "EWL" to implicitly
mean "26 AWG EWL."  That was part
of my confusion.

Having said all of that, and reading your
note about using loops without POTS
all the way down to 0Hz/DC, long loaded
loops _could_ be deloaded for business data
use for >= 18kft.  That would take time & $,
of course, but could be quicker than
laying fiber.  That would pick up another
chunk of the loop world.


Ron McC.