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RE: [EFM] RE: [EFM-Copper] the merits of 12 kft and +

Carlos Ribeiro, CTBC Telecom, says
about telephone/ISDN operation during customer
power failure,
"...ISDN, but not in all countries; 
I believe that the US standard has not
remote power, ..."

Remote powering the ISDN DSL NT via the loop
was being considered in the US in the mid-1980s.  
I did some back of the envelope
calculations (easily verified) that showed
that if ISDN were as successful as everyone
expected/hoped/dreamed, the CO battery plant capacity
would have to be doubled to handle the 24 hour,
7 day, 365 day/year power requirements.
I showed the numbers to the Bellcore power folks 
and RBOC reps to T1D1.3 (T1E1.4 predecessor)
in the little Bellcore ISDN newsletter.
Full time remote network powering got dropped in a hurry.
Hooks for network powering through the interface
and for customer or network provided battery backup
were included for the cases in which
it was really necessary.

I wonder what the Germans' experience with
battery capacity was/is.


Ron McConnell