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RE: [EFM] RE: [EFM-Copper] the merits of 12 kft and +


Very interesting.

"...normally be powered locally..."
That would take care of the need to increase
the CO battery. 
" to 0.5 W.  Only one terminal per bus..." 
If memory serves me this was about the power 
used in the 1985 USA calculations. Compared to
POTS which only needs about 1.5W of CO power 
for a small fraction of the time, 0.5W 
for 24 hours for 7 days for a big ISDN customer base
would be a major increase.  For emergency powering
of a few customers during short power outages
it makes sense and wouldn't be a problem
for a CO.  It would be a consideration
for remote digital loop carrier terminals
in the outside plant providing ISDN.
The usual target for remote terminals is to operate
for 8 hours during commercial power failures.
I have the notion outside plant located
carrier terminals are not common in Germany.

Thanks for the info.


Ron McC.