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RE: [EFM] RE: [EFM-Copper] the merits of 12 kft and +

I am tired of folks not understanding exactly what lifeline is.  Here is the
interpretation from the CA PUC.  I would be interested from the European
members if their requirements differ.  I understand from BT their
requirements have the same intent.

On Wednesday, October 31, I spoke to a contact at the California Public
Utilities Commission.  She called regulatory at the FCC for a determination
and she came up with the following. If we need citing to public regulations
I will ask for it.  I was warned there are numerous citings.   Here is a

Tariff Subsidies
From a regulatory point of view lifeline is a package of tariff subsidies
and regulations composed of Universal Services Access Fund, administered by
the state as mandated by communications ACT 1939, a Low-Income Subsidy
Program mandated in the 1990's, and a Clinton Administration directive
allowing telephone cost allocation for Welfare payments to the state from
the federal government.  Universal Services Access Fund is RBOC plant
subsidy designed to insure everyone has access to the cable plant, in some
form, no matter where they live.  The CA PUC is currently holding hearings
to determine if the fund shall be used to provide broadband access to rural

Plant Power
It is also the mandatory "in order to provide emergency services access from
the 911 system and the RBOC Operator" blah, blah, "dial-tone access shall be
provided by at least eight hours electrical grid independent power."  This
lifeline dial tone access service is delegated to the states to control in
the toll center filing.  Regulations mandate that a service which provides
lifeline access must be available to the consumer in the tariff structure.
The RBOC has the opportunity to select how this access service will be

Most United States providers use analog service (POTS) as their method to
supply lifeline to meet this regulation.  The delivery method of this
technology is not mandated by regulation, rather it just must be available
in some form of communication access technology.  If you offer a lifeline
service such as POTS to the consumer, as an RBOC, you have met this mandate.

Since analog service is available everywhere, the customer always has the
choice to buy lifeline service, if a battery back-up POTs service is
available, then the company is meeting the mandate.  The subscriber does not
have to buy a lifeline.

Therefore, the CA PUC believes if the RBOC is providing POTs in the service
area and it is universally available other services in the same area do not
have to meet either the subsidy or plant power requirements.

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Ron McConnell wrote:
> ... The usual target for remote terminals is to operate
> for 8 hours during commercial power failures.
The requirement in Germany we used in the mid nineties
was 4 hours for fibre-based as well as for hybrid
fibre-coax access systems.

> I have the notion outside plant located
> carrier terminals are not common in Germany.
About 10% of the customers (4 millions) in Germany are
connected via a hybrid access network called Hytas (an
Alcatel product). I guess there are another 2-4 millions
connected via other systems.

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