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RE: [EFM] EFM OAM on Preamble

Hi Ed,

At 03:44 PM 11/21/2001 -0800, Ed Boyd wrote:

>How do you guarantee that the value embedded in the preamble do not 
>contain the SFD pattern and cause a false lock?

-RS with OAM handler actually overwrites SFD with CRC at TX side.
  At RX side, RS-OAM only looks at SOP pattern to find a frame.
  When passing frames to MAC, RS converts OAM preamble back to normal 
preamble with SFD.
  Therefore SFD pattern in OAM preamble is acceptable.

>Repeaters normally regenerate the preamble and SFD so it would not pass 
>through a new value.  I agree that this will only work for full duplex.

-802.3 Repeater is defined only for the half-duplex mode. so not applicable 
for preamble OAM.
  ( But If  802.3  had defined full-duplex repeater ( 1port to 1port )
    we would have suggested this new device to support OAM
    in the same way as SONET re-generator : Ethernet re-generator...)

Hope it makes sense to you.

Happy Thanks-giving !!


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>To: Ben Brown
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>Subject: Re: [EFM] EFM OAM on Preamble
>Hi Ben,
>Thank you for the question.
>Indeed, during my presentation, there was a discussion on Preamble
>In the current PCS/RS/GMII clauses of existing 802.3  spec clearly describes
>PHY may shrink preamble to only SFD and RS has to accept a frame with any
>shrinked preamble.
>For these comments, I made it clear that
>- OAM on Preamble is applied to Full duplex mode only. Not for half-duplex
>/ CSMA-CD mode.
>Preamble shrinkage to "any" size  happens only for CSMA-CD mode.
>And EFM environments and SP provider circumstances, any half duplex mode
>does not make sense
>due to distance limitation.  So this assumption is valid, I hope.
>Only thing to modify the spec is that we state something like in RS/GMII
>clause ( where  OAM handler  locates )
>   "Preamble not be shrinked by PHY  in full duplex mode, when OAM is used"
>-EFM Cupper P2P, EPON will have PCS change as well as PMD, so we can make
>sure preamble transparency in the new spec.
>-For P2P GE, there is the following issue, as you anticipate.
>( this was not discussed during presentation but
>discussed  off-line  during the meeting)
>   Since Idle detection is done by every 16bits,  Aligned / Unalined frame
>may lose the first byte of Preamble, where
>    the second byte  be replaced with /S/.
>   We have 2 options for this.
>   a) Not to use this byte. This means we  have only 6byte preamble (
>including SFD byte.) to carry OAM.
>       Since we have 2 reserved byte, still OK with it. This actually was
>discussed  off-line last week.
>   b) PCS recovers /S/+7byte preamble ( including SFD byte ), when Unaligned
>       This is simply done by having additional 3-4 byte FIFO in PCS.
>   We will discuss about these options  in detail in Jan meeting.
>   Note this  occurs only in GE. Not in 100baseX, 10GE.
>-For 802.3ae 10GE, it is clearly stated in the spec, no preamble shrinkage.
>   If preamble is shrinked, MAC can discard whole frames.
>Hope this helps.
>At 09:48 AM 11/20/2001 -0500, Ben Brown wrote:
> >Hiroshi,
> >
> >I did not attend your presentation entitled "EFM OAM on Preamble"
> >but I've seen a copy of your slides. I wonder if this question
> >was asked during the presentation and would like to hear your
> >response:
> >
> >How is this protocol handled when preamble bytes are lost?
> >Specifically in the case of 1GE when the first byte of
> >preamble is discarded around 50% of the time.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Ben Brown
> >
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