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RE: [EFM] Is "campus" P2MP out of scope?

I agree with your position. 
As you may recall from my PowerPoint submittal to the email reflector of 3-4 weeks ago, I see the marketing potential related to P2MP in an enterprise arena as quite small and so would strongly recommend that any requirements wanted for an enterprise-focused effort be put aside and a focus maintained on the Access arena. There is already enough work before the TF that expanding the effort to focus on a negligible market seems a misuse of resources at present. I recommend finishing the standard development for the core markets (Access) and then the TF considering if it should expend efforts on enterprise related issues.


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From: Roy Bynum [mailto:rabynum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Monday, November 26, 2001 9:45 AM
To: howard Frazier
Subject: [EFM] Is "campus" P2MP out of scope?


I am seeing several references to a "enterprise" type of "campus" 
deployment as a target for P2MP optical services.  I may be mistaken, but I 
thought that this TF was working on support of "subscription networks" 
which, by my understanding, are commercial service access networks, not 
enterprise networks.  Am I mistaken?  If I am not, then that would make the 
need to support enterprise campus networks somewhat out of scope.

I hate to see a lot of effort put into trying to support campus networks 
for ubiquitous shared access over optical media.  From my experience, 
ubiquitous shared networks have an effective utilization of about 30%, 
depending on the number of nodes on the media.   The support and 
maintenance of that type of topology in the enterprise campus environment 
would be very similar to the old "coax" system of years ago.  At the lower 
utilization, an the high maintenance labor costs, the higher cost of the 
optical media would not be cost effective.  I don't see much of a market 
for that type of deployment.

Thank you,
Roy Bynum