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Re: [EFM] Is "campus" P2MP out of scope

> I would have no problem omitting 100M single mode on the grounds of the
> economic argument, given the time line to produce a standard for it. Also I
> think most people accept that civil engineering is the highest part of the
> cost, followed by operational maintenance costs over the life of the service
> (transport), then the fiber cost, then finally the equipment cost.

So does this imply that we should only be working on 10G or faster
solutions?  If the equipment cost doesn't matter, then any equipment
operating at less than the fastest rate be a waste. 100G DWDM to every
kitchen?   Dedicated lambdas for every toaster?  

Sarcasm aside, 100M is not currently on the plate.  To get on the plate,
certain justifications have to be demonstrated.  The justifications have
yet to be put forward for public consumption.  Seems like we should wait
until the justifications are presented before evaluating their

There's some saying about a cart and a horse that applies here...

- Matt