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Re: [EFM] [Forecasts on 1 GE from NW]

[Date: 11/30/2001  From Seto]

Interesting.  Should we stop working on EPON as well and 
concentrate on 1Gbps P2P only?


>The attached Network World article has pushed me to make a case for why
>we should not waste our time on a 100M PHY effort.  I will be the first
>to rail on the point that 1 GE chips in the enterprise environment will
>be severely stressed in the -20 to +85  degree C. environment of a
>residential demarc installation in the USA.   However, my ex brethren
>from the semiconductor industry tell me that they can now yield PLL
>chips to work over that temp with a minimum of problems and I must trust
>them until we prove differently.  Anybody in the Southwest or Canada (or
>anywhere else for that matter) having problems with their Electronically
>Tuned Radios at extreme temps?
>Optics for 1310 1 GE in this environment may be a different story, but I
>don't see a major difference in that challenge between 100M and 1 G.
>I still see HDTV at 1080p as the "killer application" for this standard
>as I have recently seen a 38.57M simulated HDTV transmission which will
>be the expectation starting in the sport bars and then moving into the
>home.  To me, that means more than 100Mb/s to each home within the next
>five years because many homes will want to watch more than 1 channel of
>HDTV at any one time (see my presentation to the 3/01 meeting on the
>w-site -brand_1_0301.pdf).
>Richard Brand