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AW: [EFM-P2MP] RE: [EFM] T.V. broadcast / unicast


Not sure that the systematic distribution of
settops is as simple as it sounds.  Added to that 
is the bandwidth required to carry this large number of channels
mentioned. If, as you say, this is not a premium 
service but a baseline requirement, then we would want to avoid 
the situation where these channels would 'clog-up' the DS bandwidth.
The 50 bananas cost increase you mentioned for the
MPEG2 decoder is in the same order of magnitude as the
banana increase for the ONU optics for analogue reception.


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Gesendet am: Donnerstag, 29. November 2001 21:47
An: 'Meir Bartur'; 'Brian Ford'
Betreff: RE: [EFM-P2MP] RE: [EFM] T.V. broadcast / unicast

> Since this is a franchise requirement and the existing MSOs provide
this service, analog delivery of some channels is not a premium service,
it's a baseline requirement in order to get a franchise.

If by analog you mean that I must produce an NTSC signal over a Coax as
a mandatory requirement into every home, that is not a correct
interpretation.  The requirement on television stations is that over the
air analog is provided.  I do not think that the government will force a
cable carrier to equip homes with old jerrolds boxes for those whom do
not have an NTSC coax tuner and still have old TV's.

If that is the case, than that requirement is washed away by the
systematic distribution of settops ... We don't need something fancy
with a web client and an on screen display, all we need is an RTP stack
and a video out on an MPEG2 decoder chip with a built-in 100BT
interface, for all the 50$ that'll cost to manufacture it.