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Re: [EFM] [Forecasts on 1 GE from NW]

[Date: 12/01/2001  From Seto]

Dear Richard,
Greetings to you, too.  
My point is that there are good markets for 100Mbps P2P as well 
as 1Gbps P2MP.  Remember that we don't have even 10Mbps to the 
home yet.  
Let us hear the business cases for 100Mbps P2P at the next 
meeting before making up our mind that 100Mbps P2P is waste of 

Thank you.


>Greetings Seto:
>Although I am interested in 1 GE P2P over a single fiber, that is after all,
>the degenerative case for 1 G EPON, so we must concentrate on both.  Our
>objectives already specify 1000 Base-X with extended temp range optics (and
>in practice, at least the clocking functional block as well at the ONU)  AND
>PHY for PON @ 1 G which will also require extended temp range components at
>the ONU so except for flux budget, the L1 issues are similar.
>Richard Brand
>"Seto, Koichiro" wrote:
>> [Date: 11/30/2001  From Seto]
>> Richard,
>> Interesting.  Should we stop working on EPON as well and
>> concentrate on 1Gbps P2P only?
>> Seto
>> >EFMers
>> >The attached Network World article has pushed me to make a case for why
>> >we should not waste our time on a 100M PHY effort.  I will be the first
>> >to rail on the point that 1 GE chips in the enterprise environment will
>> >be severely stressed in the -20 to +85  degree C. environment of a
>> >residential demarc installation in the USA.   However, my ex brethren
>> >from the semiconductor industry tell me that they can now yield PLL
>> >chips to work over that temp with a minimum of problems and I must trust
>> >them until we prove differently.  Anybody in the Southwest or Canada (or
>> >anywhere else for that matter) having problems with their Electronically
>> >Tuned Radios at extreme temps?
>> >Optics for 1310 1 GE in this environment may be a different story, but I
>> >don't see a major difference in that challenge between 100M and 1 G.
>> >I still see HDTV at 1080p as the "killer application" for this standard
>> >as I have recently seen a 38.57M simulated HDTV transmission which will
>> >be the expectation starting in the sport bars and then moving into the
>> >home.  To me, that means more than 100Mb/s to each home within the next
>> >five years because many homes will want to watch more than 1 channel of
>> >HDTV at any one time (see my presentation to the 3/01 meeting on the
>> >w-site -brand_1_0301.pdf).
>> >Feedback?
>> >Richard Brand