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Re: [EFM] [Forecasts on 1 GE from NW]


I do believe that you could find them in the EFM archives presented prior to 
your joining the EFM list.  I may have the presentation but it is doubtful.  
If I do I will send it along for your review. 

I personally think that intellectual property protection, my specialty, the 
key compelling reason that every company must consider for a residential 10ge 
deployment.  Content is king, thus the question referring to the killer app. 

I have several patents/proposals in the works with my contacts at Intel, MPAA 
and several unmentioned partners providing Content control WAN points 
preventing rampant piracy with the eventuality or the possibility of a 
network appliance box that will terminate the service demarcation of the 
fiber connection FTT?.  This will be the control point as the network expands 
to the masses. I would have been happy to share my idea's with Nortel, but 
they did not need me anymore and let me go last May.