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[EFM] TDM over Ethernet

	Providing TDM services (DS1 etc) over ethernet is normally a bit
challenging due to the delay variation in ethernet - worse at lower speeds.
However, in the PON environment, with good scheduling (at a higher layer)
using the request/grant loop (that I think we all agree is within scope and
being standardized) we should be able to get ethernet frames carrying TDM to
the OLT with very little delay variation. A small buffer should then restore
perfect TDM synchronicity. Ron, I think that this is what you have in mind,
but Bob, do you agree?

John Limb

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Providing "first class citizen" support for TDM over Ethernet
is both technically sound and something I'd expect some service
providers will demand. But TDM support over Ethernet doesn't
require changes to the PHY, or the use of another lambda.

--ron jeffries