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Re: [EFM-P2P][EFM] PMD considerations

On Tue, 18 Dec 2001 14:26:29 -0800  Hugh Barrass wrote:
> 2. If the customer has a solution which they are deploying, what is
> their purpose in requesting a standards effort? It seems that they
> have a supplier and a product that meets their needs.

If I understand the question, as someone in a similar solution, we
would like a standard because:

1) Our investment would be protected because we could resell the
   equipment.   Example: try selling a LAN City modem vs selling a
   DOCSIS modem, If it is a standard piece of equipment, we can
   depreciate over the standard 3 years.  If it is proprietary
   equipment, then we don't know that we can resell it, so it has to
   be paid for in one year!  Make that model work.

*2) Our investment will be protected because if the vendor goes out of
*   business, we can buy from alternate vendors.

3) Better documentation will be available,

** 4) It will be easier to sell because customers will have been educated
**    in the product,

5) Investors will understand your business,

6) We will be able to hire personnel already trained in the standard,

7) We will be able to find open source and third party software to meter,
   monitor and manage the equipment,

8) In the long run, equipment should be cheaper and more of it should
   be sold.