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[EFM] EFM presentation January 2002

Hi Kevin

I have previewed your presentation and I have some pre-meeting comments.

There is one important line missing from your comparison chart 'does the OAM
transport meet the market need'. The broad market being service providers
and I think only thay can answer this question.

I feel that your presentation would be more accurately entitled 'In support
of OAM in frames'. What it does show is that two vendors support management
in frames enough to stand up and be counted. You are effectively seconding
the motion that will be forthcoming. I would imagine that Cisco would like a
second vendor to do a similar 'comparison' from the angle of a pro-preamble
OAM transport perspective.

You are right that it is hard (impossible?) to put pre-amble or IPG OAM
transport in as a retro-fit to existing equipment / ICs without a lot of
effort. There is nothing in the PAR that says EFM OAM has to be retro to
existing 802.3 standards (however useful that might be).

It looks like we are cutting to the chase now which should make the meetings
a bit livelier.

Best regards