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RE: [EFM] On the Worship of Speed


Given the opportunity, I will still use a wire line phone over a wireless 
phone any time.  When I am traveling in an automobile, wire line is not 
available, so I use a wireless phone and put up with the relatively poor 
reliability.  When I am traveling, I will even use my wireless phone as a 
low speed modem to link to my ISP to find a local wire line number that I 
can use.  Needless to say, I personally use the wireless phone only because 
I have to.

Thank you,
Roy Bynum

At 01:41 PM 1/24/2002 -0800, O'Mahony, Barry wrote:
>Just to play devil's advocate here, the fastest growing segment of the
>telephony market, namely mobile telephony, apparently has little trouble
>selling in service to customers, despite long, "poor" latency.
>Of course the argument goes that the "advantage factor" of mobility
>counteracts the reduction on perceived voice qulaity in people's minds.
>Maybe so.  But I bring it up to point out that there is some quesiton, in
>some quarters, as to how well a test subject's responses in a MOS testing
>scenario correlate to what they're actually willing to pay for.
>Barry O'Mahony
>Intel Labs
>Hillsboro, OR, USA
>tel: +1 (503) 264-8579
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>DSL uses ATM.
>Also, DSL typically leaves the existing POTS service undisturbed,
>and is most often a data-only service.
>If you are talking of VoIP, then the answer to your question is "Poorly".
>The slop in the network is hidden by intensive processing on both ends
>of the network.  Echo-cancellers and error concealment.  And, of course,
>no guarantee of performance.  Of all people, I shouldn't have to convince
>you of the problems of trying to sell such a service to customers.
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>How does it work on 128kb DSL links with PPOE today?
>Thank you,
>Roy Bynum
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