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Re: AW: [EFM] Extended Temperature Optics

Dear All,

At the Raleigh Meeting I promised to look at exactly what temperature requirements BellSouth uses for equipment that is placed in the outside plant. This post is for the folks that do not have view into what service providers require from the system supplier.

Indeed we do not spec component temperatures but rather describe an environment in which the equipment must survive. The attached power point file is one of the things we give to system suppliers to aid in design of equipment that meets our needs. Its about 10 pages and an easy read. I recommend that you take a look at Attachment A (the last 3 pages) in particular.

There is one topic (at least :-)   ) that needs a little more coverage and is a little different than what is stated in the attached document. Passive components that are deployed in the outside plant are tested to 75C and 85C depending on the specific test (the ageing test for example is done to 85C). So the temp requirements for passives are a little tougher.

If you want more details the attached document points to several GRs from Telcordia. I recommend that you get a look at them (of those mentioned I think GR-63-CORE is the most pertinent).

Hope this helps round out the knowledge base and does not lead to any confusion.



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