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Re: [EFM] RE: [EFM-OAM] Performance monitoring, installation, trouble shoot ing.

Hi Carlos,

I'm familiar with one implementation where TDM over packet
(IP over Ethernet) works reliably. It is feasible and
"low complexity" to deliver tightly bounded timing 
synchronization for TDM streams without the need
for "fine tuning" using standard PHYs. 

--ron jeffries
  Occam Networks, Inc.

carlosal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Bob Barret said:
> > Servicing 32 customers with time critical data e.g. T1 or POTS (leave
> > aside video for now), requires a scalable TDM like mechanism.
>                                    ^^^^^^^^
> I think you nailed the problem. Making TDM-over-packet emulation work for a
> few individuals is one thing; making it your main delivery mechanism for
> every voice line is another. Currently available TDM-over-packet solutions
> require fine tuning and care to work well (don't look hard or it will
> break). To make it scalable, it has to be (a) easy to provision and (b)
> bulletproof under load. Current solutions fail to meet both criteria.
> Carlos Ribeiro
> CTBC Telecom