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RE: [EFM] Re: OAM - To side-band or not to side-band


It's your job to keep order, so tomatoes may be a bad idea :-). Rather you
than me. I am not renown for my patience in contentious situations and I
would make a lousy chair. You are doing a really good job in what is one of
the most contentious debates.

I guess I just the like the way the Houses of Parliament work. You can say
what you like in there as an MP and not be liable for slander. Respect -
they neither give it nor get it in there, as you have probably seen on TV.
That's why they sit on opposite sides two sword lengths apart ;-).

Best regards


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> I think it would be a good idea, as we operate under Robert's Rules, to
> the OAM room divide left and right for the OAM transport debate. OAM in
> frames on the right, as that is more conservative ;-). That way you can
> one speaker from each side have the floor in rote, rather than having
> speakers. Alternating one from each side would seem fair, and may be limit
> each person to two speeches. It will also make straw polls a lot easier.

I was thinking we give tshirts out on arrival.  Each saying "I'm with
stupid" and have an arrow pointing to the other side of the room.  We
can sell tomatoes and rotten eggs at the door.  Or maybe just give out
pillows and have a pillowfight.  Or we wrassle in a big tub of jelly.
Being from North Carolina, I'd prefer a tobacco spitting contest - but I
think that would unfairly advantage us southerners.

Maybe we'll just stick with the regular voting thing after all.

- Matt