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Re: [EFM] Re: OAM - this is Ethernet Bob but not as we know it

[Bob Barrett]:
> I fear that if EFM fails to grasp the opportunity to define telco class
> Ethernet transport in the last / first mile then the world will be left
> with implementation based OAM transports that will meet the xLEC's
> perceived needs, and the EFM OAM will be just a vehicle for negotiating
> which implementation specific OAM transport mechanism will be used - the
> devices will be EFM compliant technically, but not use EFM OAM in practice
> - bizarre.

This is a special case of my overall concern with interoperability. I believe 
EFM should provide a clean and extensible framework; however, leave too much 
functionality left open to the implementation, and then you'll get 
incompatible implementations.

> May be I have been spending too much time with ILEC types. May be that's
> because they are still the market leaders in transport and services (not
> integrated transport and services).

ILEC needs are just different. It's not because we like to be conservative. 
We have to. Legacy is important, keeping customers is important., and 
offering a service that is at least as good as the existing one is of utmost 

Carlos Ribeiro
CTBC Telecom