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[EFM] To List moderator!

Dear list moderator,
	Can you please see to it that my email address, david.cureton@xxxxxxxxxxx
is unsubscribed from this list. Before the flames start, my appologies to
the list members that this is an email to the reflector itself however a
number of attempts to unsubscribe myself from the list automatically,
including  emails to the owner-802-3-efm, have been unsucsessful.

I would suggest that if others are having the same difficulty as I am  from
removing myself from the list, this would explain the large number of
'subject: unsubscribe' messages that get exploded from this reflector.

May I also point out that some email reflectors append instructions on how
to unsubscribe for the reflector at the bottom of each message. Just a quick
two liner. Then you can be sure that the any 'subject: unsubscribe' messages
are due to complete ignorance.

Once gain my appologies for the extra noise on the reflector.

David Cureton