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Re: [EFM] OAM transport & ITU


My name is Hiroshi Ohta with NTT.  I am a rapporteur for Q.3/13 of ITU-T SG13.

ITU-T SG13 initiated the work on OAM and protection switching for 
Ethernet.  Attached is a communication letter to be sent to IEEE EFM and 
RPR containing study issues which we identified at the last meeting.

It was identified in the SG13 meeting last week in Geneva that end-to-end 
OAM functions are necessary for carriers/providers to provide services 
using optical Ethernet because they need to detect defects before the user 
complains.  We were aware that OAM for access network of 1G Ethernet is 
under standardization within EFM.  However, we were not aware of any work 
for end-to-end OAM functions for Ethernet or OAM for core/metro network of 
Ethernet.  So, we decided to initiate this work.

We would like to progress this work with close cooperation with 
you.  Comments are welcome.

Best regards,

Hiroshi Ohta

>At 09:46 02/02/07 -0800, Richard Brand wrote:
> >
> > Matt:
> > I assume that you are aware that an Ethernet OAM study was initiated in
> > ITU-T SG13 last week in Geneva, based on a contribution from NTT.  I would
> > hope that our EFM attendees from NTT would provide 802.3 a copy of the
> > presentation along with some background information.
> > Howard, have you seen the presentation?
> > Richard Brand
> >
> >


Hiroshi OHTA
NTT Network Service Systems Laboratories
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