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RE: [EFM] RE: [EFM-P2MP] 10G EPONs (it was MPCP: Report message)


Of course I was not comparing two-way SMS services and HDTV; my point was
that the 'content is king' paradigm is not as strong as many people
believe. People like to communicate, and spend much more money to talk to
each other than on any other 'downstream-oriented' entertainment system,
such as video. On a side note (on the 'edge' of scope): there is a nice
paper on this subject, by Andrew Odlyzko, available on the 'net for

Said that, I agree that conventional video content, in any format, push the
limits on the downstream. However, it is also possible to see video going
the opposite way. Just to give you an example (I don't want to enter deeply
into this discussion right now): One of the most important applications
inside a wired home is to have security cameras, so I can check out my home
while I'm on the road, or talk to my kids while I'm on the office. It's not
like a videophone, it's a different application, and it's just beginning to
take off. An assymetric access network would limit the quality of this type
of service.

> 2. I did not understand your last comment with the optics. could
> you elaborate ?

Sorry. My point is that the EPON is already an assymetric access network.
Even with the best MPCP implementation, the upstream is never going to be
as efficient as the downstream. The downstream can also take advantage of
single-copy broadcast, that can in turn be nicely mapped to IP-multicast
video content. If, on top of this, you use low-cost optics on the upstream,
you will end up making matters worse for the upstream.

Carlos Ribeiro
CTBC Telecom